Smart Service

Service made smart.

The Adtance Service Platform provides you with all functions and possibilities to digitize your service. You can either connect existing systems to the platform or purchase all required systems directly from the platform. Furthermore, it does not matter whether the employee works on site with the tablet, at the machine with data glasses or in his office with the computer. The solution can be used on all devices and is fully available.

Adtance Smart Service

The innovative and comprehensive Service 4.0 platform digitizes your service according to your requirements and possibilities. The modular and expandable structure allows you to book modules individually at any time and to use them immediately. All generated and stored information is available in all modules and can be exported via interface to existing systems such as SAP, Innosoft, etc. and can be used there.

The platform provides your service staff and your customers with all important data and tools quickly and easily on all devices, whether smartglasses, smartphones, tablets or computer. From document management systems and digital inspections to remote assistance and predictive maintenance solutions, Adtance Smart Service offers a wide range of modules. In addition, partner and third-party systems can be fully integrated at any time, whether spare parts catalog, ERP, or other systems, so that all information relevant to the systems can be exchanged and synchronized.

Within the platform, customers can configure their own Service 4.0 platform and make it available to their customers. The desired modules are booked and access is granted to employees and customers.

Your data is safe!

Since these are often data-sensitive processes, the entire connection is 256-bit AES-encrypted and password protected. All Adtance systems run on German servers. If desired, we can also set up our own servers for our customers - completely in accordance with internal guidelines. Further information can be found in our data security sheet.
Adtance Smart Service currently includes the following options