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ADTANCE offers you all the options for digitizing customer service and maintenance work. You can specifically integrate individual software modules into your existing system - for example our remote maintenance module ADTANCE Support. Or you can use the ADTANCE Smart Service Platform as a system solution and digitize your complete processes. Our solution contains all the important tools - from resource planning and machine management to predictive maintenance.

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Our Smart Service Modules

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Whether you need to perform a service call at the customer's site, technical acceptance of a plant or machine, training for users, outdoor or indoor installation. With ADTANCE Support you get a fully comprehensive solution and can do all this work remotely.

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ADTANCE Workflow allows you to digitize, analyze and optimize all work processes. The process data are made available to your employees via mobile devices - the workflow is improved decisively.

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Benefit from smart, efficient spare parts management for your service work. The module offers a central catalogue system that enables quick access to all spare parts data without spending time searching.

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Bundle customer service channels into one system - email, phone, SMS or social media. This will improve your service management, you will have an overview of the entire customer communication and you will be able to react faster.

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Asset Management

With ADTANCE Asset Management, you and your customers manage the plants, machines and components centrally in one place. The platform offers comprehensive asset tracking, encompassing everything from plants and machinery to parts and other vital components.

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Visualisation & Monitoring

Process Visualisation & Monitoring offers you the possibility of constantly monitoring machines and plants via sensors. You have control over your processes as well as limit and measured values.

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Document Management

Store documents centrally in one place and control access rights - so your colleagues, partners and customers have access to the latest version of all relevant information at all times.

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Predictive Maintenance

Individual machines or systems are constantly monitored with the aid of sensors. This allows you to detect potential problems in good time and avoid production downtimes.