Adtance Support – The Remote Service 4.0 Solution

Support: Whenever, wherever and however you want it

Every technology company is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of its products. Consequently, customer satisfaction is the highest priority. A fast and professional service on-site for any disruption or other technical problems is a must – no matter how difficult the solution is.

However, how can this high standard of service be guaranteed when the customer is further away or even abroad? Or it’s urgent because production has come to a halt? Describing these errors via phone call is often difficult and may not be an option in international companies where language is an issue. Mostly, the only solution is for the service expert to travel to the place of production, meaning there is a loss of time and money for transportation and accommodation, which could be unnecessary especially when the disruption can be solved with only a few steps.

Would it not be easier, cheaper and faster to receive a clear diagnosis without travelling to the production site? Adtance Support offers this solution.

What is Adtance Support?

The Adtance Support solution consists of a SmartGlass equipped with the Adtance Support App which is connected to an online platform. The Adtance-SmartGlasses come with a headset, camera and display. The online platform works without any additional software installation and is completely web-based; therefore the access is directly possible via every device.

The initiative to operate Adtance Support is either driven by the manufacturer who delivers the glasses with his product in order to optimize the on-site service. Or a company acquires its own glasses and forces his supplier(s) to buy licences in order to provide their services with Adtance Support.

Adtance Support Session View
Session ID on device

How does Adtance Support work?

To start the support session, the service expert has to log into the Adtance online platform . At the same time, the local service engineer or customer employee activates his Adtance-SmartGlasses and goes online via WiFi. On request, we can set up the WiFi access for free. The user of the SmartGlasses will receive a PIN code sent to the display which is necessary for the identification via phone. Once this process is completed, the connection will be activated.

Now the service expert can see the camera screen on his desktop – no matter where the person is located in the world.

What else does Adtance Support offer?

Adtance Support not only transmits the camera image, but also the sound which enables an easy communication between the expert and the local counterpart . The expert can convey exact instructions about what he wants to see and can also send instructions to the camera view, for example, marking a particular point.

The Adtance-SmartGlasses capture HD quality footage directly via a button on the glasses or remotely controlled via the online platform. The entire stream is recorded and can be watched later.

Should the opinion of more than one expert be required to fix the problem, Adtance Support offers the possibility to add other participants from different locations to the conversation. Communication problems due to a lack of language skills are solved with an integrated language program. It can stream the translation of 47 languages on the display.

Even if the problem cannot be solved during the Adtance Support session directly, the expert can establish a diagnosis of the problem type and determine what kind of expertise and spare parts are needed.

As the transmission content might contain sensitive data, the whole connection is encrypted via SSL and secured with passwords. All Adtance systems run on German servers and at the request of the customer, their own server can be set up according to internal guidelines.

Furthermore, the Adtance developer team can provide additional functions. For example, a QR code scanner can be integrated into the app for the precise identification of the component involved.

What are the requirements for the application?

Using the Adtance support solution requires the purchase of the Adtance SmartGlasses provided with the Adtance Support App for a one-off fixed price .The connection with the Adtance SmartGlass requires a fixed-term support licence. One support licence allows access to different glasses and vice versa, different support licenses can be connected with one SmartGlass

Summary : Advantages for all parties

The Use of Adtance Support in a manufacturing company provides many advantages:

  • fast and reliable support
  • fewer production stops when problems arise.
  • the security of receiving help anytime and everywhere
  • one Adtance-SmartGlass can be used for all service providers

There are also advantages for the suppliers and service providers:

  • fewer travel expenses for on-site services
  • less personnel deployment
  • better planning and more flexibility
  • ideal customer satisfaction with a unique support service

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