About Adtance and the founders

The Founders

Adtance was founded in 2015 by the brothers Sven (right) and Nils Arnold (centre). In the position of CTO, Sven Arnold is responsible for the technical implementation of the Adtance solutions and the individual solutions. His studies in computer science with a focus on real-time systems and robotics enable Adtance to offer solutions even in production-critical areas. Nils Arnold studied with a focus on business administration and marketing and, as CEO, develops new business models and optimization possibilities together with customers.

About Adtance

Adtance is a fast-growing, global software and infrastructure company specializing in the digitization and optimization of after-sales services.

Adtance offers a variety of solutions, including Adtance Support, a leading remote maintenance solution that enables companies to provide optimized service with data eyeglasses and mobile devices worldwide. Other solutions include Adtance Workflow, the innovative solution for mapping work processes and checklists using wearables, smartphones and tablets, and the Adtance Smart Service Platform, which enables managers to find and use all the after-sales service tools they need on a single platform, from resource planning and machine management to preventive maintenance solutions. In addition, Adtance also offers individual developments in all areas of the value chain, with customers from a wide range of industries and company sizes.

The solutions are used by small local manufacturers of special machines, but also by international automobile manufacturers, so that the solutions are optimized and installed according to demand.



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