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The 5 Current Challenges in Industrial Customer Service

In addition to the current contact and travel restrictions due to Covid-19, there are other current challenges that industrial customer service faces.

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Monitor Complete Plants and Production Lines Remotely

This year we already introduced the new ADTANCE Support version. Besides many new and upgraded features, it is now possible to connect any kind of stationary cameras, drones & underwater ROVs to the new Support Version.

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ADTANCE Smart Service Platform Delivers First Multi-camera Fieldstreaming Video Support …

Live multi-angle video customer support accelerates machine repairs, reduces downtime, improves remote training and facilitates long distance collaboration.

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The Digital Twin in the Manufacturing Industry

A replica can help manufacturing analysts find problem areas or improve processes. Find out about the digital twin and its impact on manufacturing here.

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Retrofit: Digitization & Sustainability in Engineering

New digital technologies, Industry 4.0 - the step into the age of data technology is pressing. One reason for this is that in some companies it has already been largely implemented or the process has at least been initiated.

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Optimization of Component Approval via Video Live Stream

With the help of the remote maintenance software, customers and manufacturers can meet in a video live stream virtually to work on the component approval together in all necessary steps.

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