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Inspections in a few seconds at TLT Turbo with ADTANCE Support

TLT-Turbo GmbH is the world's leading supplier of fans and system solutions for mining, industrial applications and thermal power plants. With around 500 employees, TLT Turbo is active worldwide and offers its customers innovative solutions that deliver outstanding performance with low wear.

Using ADTANCE Smart Service solutions, TLT's quality assurance department intended to implement a system to perform remote inspections of suppliers. The system should adapt to the conditions and requirements of the different countries and finally generate a report with pictures, recordings and further documentation.

The implementation of the ADTANCE support solution at TLT-Turbo resulted in significant savings in travel costs as well as a reduction in cumbersome communication via e-mail and telephone.

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The success story of TLT-Turbo GmbH

TLT-Turbo has stood for continuous innovation and solution orientation since the development of the first centrifugal fan in 1873. At the end of 2021, for example, the modular fan concept for the mining industry was introduced for the first time, enabling customers to easily plan their ventilation systems while at the same time benefiting from typical advantages such as higher efficiency and lower power consumption. Furthermore, at the beginning of 2022, the position as MVR expert for the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the mining sector was strengthened by several major international orders.

In order to guarantee the high quality standards of TLT-Turbo, constant worldwide inspections of suppliers as well as raw materials and components are necessary. The verifiability and documentation of the respective inspections must be guaranteed and must not generate any additional work for the employees. With ADTANCE support, inspections can be planned and carried out quickly and suppliers can be invited in an uncomplicated manner without the need for an IT expert.

The challenge of inspections before ADTANCE Support

Even before the introduction of ADTANCE support, TLT-Turbo used a system that had the reproducibility of remote inspections. This allowed a report to be generated at the end of an inspection with the images, recordings and other applications. However, the existing system did not allow for easy application in different supplier countries. It often failed due to the specific circumstances, such as in China or Turkey, but also due to the technical bandwidth required to ensure good quality video.

To be able to offer TLT-Turbo customers the best possible quality of products, a constant control of all components and suppliers is necessary and that worldwide, easy, fast and documented.

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The reasons why TLT-Turbo chose ADTANCE

"Besides the easy handling of the software for us and our customer, ADTANCE could convince us with the fast support in case of questions and difficulties," says Thomas Kühnhausen, QA TLT-Turbo GmbH, "there are costs associated with the implementation and use of such a comprehensive solution, but nevertheless the benefits are clearly visible for us and only a fraction compared to the travel costs saved."

"In addition, we were convinced by the very good image quality, so that we can see all details well even at low bandwidth," adds Niko Wiens, Quality Assurance Manager, "and since a picture is worth a thousand words or emails, this is essential for the use of such a solution."

The benefits of ADTANCE Smart Service solutions for TLT-Turbo

TLT-Turbo is now able to perform inspections quickly and cost-effectively at any time, anywhere in the world. Suppliers were quickly connected to the system and the ADTANCE support solution has become an important tool in their daily work.

No matter in which country our supplier is located or which IT policies are established in the respective company, TLT can use the tool. Participants can be invited directly via email or SMS and no additional app installation is required, so the system is ready for use without prior coordination with the supplier IT.
allation notwendig, sodass ohne vorherige Abstimmung mit der Lieferanten-IT das System einsatzbereit ist.

Service redefined with ADTANCE

More about the TLT-Turbo service: TLT Webcast


In summary, TLT-Turbo has convinced the easy handling as admin, as well as joining and using the software as supplier, during an inspection. With the simultaneously very good quality of the live transmission and images, the solution has established itself as an important part of the daily work.

TLT-Turbo has noticed significant savings in travel costs with the help of ADTANCE Smart solutions, as well as the reduction of communication through multiple channels. This allows the company and its customers to maintain high quality standards for parts and components.

If you also have high quality demands on your suppliers, contact us and learn how you too can use ADTANCE support for quality assurance of your components and parts.

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