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Customer Success Story Evonik

Evonik optimizes its customer support service by using Adtance Video Support Challenges in the field of technical service at Evonik Evonik Industries AG is a global leader in speciality chemicals and is represented with production facilities in 26 countries. This makes it a challenge to provide the knowledge of experts at locations worldwide and to guarantee fast service. The experts with the required, specific knowledge are often not located directly at the source of error and have to travel to solve the problem. In the meantime, production facilities break down and work is interrupted until the expert has solved the problem on site. This […]

Adtance Workflow and Adtance Support provide the solution to prevent the shutdown of production plants due to Coronavirus

The effects of the coronavirus, with its epicentre in China, are now also becoming apparent in business and industry. A large number of companies work together with Chinese suppliers. There, production plants are already being shutdown more frequently. The reason: airlines like Lufthansa have completely stopped their flights. Travel bans to China have been imposed. Such travel bans apply to private individuals as well as to business people and experts. Nevertheless, there are plants and machines that need to be maintained. If now a machine or even an entire production plant in China breaks down and the technical expert responsible for service and repair […]

Digitization in Service: After-Sales-Service 4.0

More about the term “4.0” What does Industry 4.0 mean? The term Industry 4.0 stands for an aspired fourth industrial revolution, which is connected with the extensive digitalization and networking of industrial processes. The central technology is the Internet. By linking intelligent systems with each other, a largely independent production is achieved in which humans, machines and robots work side by side. The digitized processes are to accompany the products throughout their entire “life cycle”: From their development, production, distribution and use to disposal and recycling. Digitization leaves employees more time for complex tasks such as development, planning and organization, while routine and assembly […]

What is After-Sales-Service?

After-Sales-Service an excellent opportunity for lasting customer loyalty and higher customer satisfaction Many companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector focus on selling their primary products and thus on acquiring new customers. Often not enough importance is attached to After-Sales-Support and only the usual services such as maintenance, inspection, repair or the supply of spare parts are offered. As many markets in the mechanical and plant engineering industry are already saturated, the acquisition of new customers is cost and time intense. The importance of customer retention is growing in this industry, which is why companies are increasingly focusing on After-Sales-Service. After-Sales-Service can have […]