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(Part 3/3) Digitization of the After Sales Service

Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring as a possibility to digitize your After Sales Service in plant and machine engineering

Condition Monitoring is based on automated, permanent measurements of various machine parameters, which are transmitted in real time to a data center and are immediately analyzed. Predictive Maintenance refers to the automatic, permanent monitoring of various parameters of machines in order to detect problems that may occur in the near future.

In our previous articles we have reported on Ticketing, the Document Management system and Workflows. Today, in the third part of our guide to After Sales Service 4.0 in plant and machine engineering, we introduce you to Condition Monitoring (CM) and Predictive Maintenance (PM).

ADTANCE condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Condition Monitoring

What is Condition Monitoring?

CM is based on automated, permanent measurements of various machine parameters, which are transmitted in real time to a data center and are immediately analyzed. By evaluating the data, the software evaluates the safety and efficiency of the individual machines. The results are immediately accessible to authorized persons and can be viewed from various terminals.

The CM is primarily used for fatigue monitoring of the individual components. As a result, the various elements of the machine are not replaced only when they are already defective, nor as a precaution after a certain period of time; but at the moment when the CM detects a creeping loss of efficiency.

The automated measurements and analyses have another advantage: they allow you to identify the cause of the problem immediately. In this way, the CM saves you the need for time-consuming, complicated manual troubleshooting. Particularly with highly complex machines and systems, a loss of productivity, a change or an existing problem is often noticed without the use of CM, but the cause is initially unclear. Finding the error can take an enormous amount of time, lead to massive downtime and very high loss of profits.

Finally, CM allows emergency shutdown at certain measured values or when a limit value is exceeded. This not only avoids costly consequential damage, but also maximizes occupational safety.

ADTANCE Process Visualization and Monitoring

ADTANCE condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

ADTANCE Process Visualisation and Monitoring (ADTANCE PVM) is a system that goes beyond CM: its special feature is the graphical representation of different processes on a user interface. Thus, in addition to monitoring, it is also possible to identify potential relationships between the various processes. The efficiency of the processes can be optimized by making links and chronological-logical procedures visible.

As with CM, sensors transmit the data collected in the machine in real time, which means that problems can be detected without delay.

ADTANCE PVM is particularly important in plant and machine engineering: Due to the automated, simultaneous execution of various processes and due to the production chains consisting of many individual steps, the mutual influence is very large. The different processes and plants can increase or decrease each other's efficiency. ADTANCE PVM identifies such interrelationships and can thus significantly increase productivity and achieve considerable cost savings.

PVM is also used in quality management, automation and process engineering and various management processes. ADTANCE PVM makes a significant contribution to inspiring your customers with your support.

Predictive Maintenance

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance refers to the automatic, permanent monitoring of various parameters of machines in order to detect problems that may occur in the near future. Sensors installed in the respective machine permanently collect measurements which are transmitted to the coupled data center and analyzed there.

The sensors record, for example, the temperature, pressure fluctuations, speeds, vibrations, noise and currents in the machine. Thanks to machine learning processes, the software detects even small deviations immediately and not only informs the authorized persons about them, but can also initiate certain automated steps if required.

The basis for this form of monitoring of machines and plants is the combination of live analysis technology with an in-memory database. We offer you ADTANCE Predictive Maintenance as a reliable, user-friendly software. PM is especially important for companies that are highly dependent on their machines and plants and cannot afford downtime. The more serious the consequences of a system failure are, the more important it is to reliably prevent one.

In industries and individual companies whose profit is primarily based on machine production and the greatest possible automation of the individual process steps, the loss of profit due to a system failure can be enormous. The more complex the individual production steps are networked with each other, the more profoundly a problem in a single chain link affects the entire production.

Plant and machine engineering is therefore one of the industries that benefits most from effective PM.

ADTANCE Predictive Maintanance

ADTANCE PM is your reliable software solution for excellent After Sales Service in machine and system monitoring: The IoT Gateway is individually adapted to your customer's machine. It reads the data from various interfaces and transmits them in encrypted form to our ADTANCE data center. This is possible via the Internet infrastructure as well as mobile phone networks.

The software analyses the received data and collects the current status of the machine. As a manufacturer, you can view the results in the expert view. You can also give your customer an individual insight by activating the customer view for him. The customer has a complete overview, and your support scores with modernity and full transparency. Access is secure and convenient via various end devices.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, our software learns from previous measurements, drawing ever more complex parallels between certain changes and upcoming problems. The predictions thus become more precise the longer the system has been in use.

With ADTANCE PM, you and your customers will no longer take risks in the future: Machines and systems are permanently checked for their full functionality. By eliminating manual checks, the company not only saves effort, time and costs, but also operates much more safely: Firstly, the digitalized form of machine monitoring rules out human error during the check, and secondly, thanks to the permanent measurements, there is no longer the risk of problems developing at short notice in the periods between two checks.

The software thus avoids failures in advance: if ADTANCE PM detects a problem, a technician can be called immediately and maintenance can be carried out before any disruptions to operations occur. The early detection of impending problems also extends the life of the machines.

In mechanical and plant engineering, the smooth functioning of the technology is essential: a single failure can bring the entire production to a standstill and result in enormous financial losses. System failures can also have an extremely negative impact on customer satisfaction, for example if deliveries are delayed. ADTANCE PM protects you and your customers against such risks.

By advising your customers to install ADTANCE PM directly when they purchase a machine or system and granting them access to the customer area of the software, you will modernize and improve your After Sales Service considerably!


PM and CM should not be missing in a modern After Sales Support in plant and machine engineering: They give you and the customer full insight into the functionality and efficiency of your technical equipment, prevent high financial losses due to downtime, determine the ideal time for maintenance and make time-consuming and costly routine checks unnecessary.

ADTANCE offers you modern, user-friendly software solutions that make everyday work easier for you and your customers, guarantee maximum safety and are always profitable in terms of time and costs.

Do you have any questions or need further information? Feel free to contact us at any time! We are at your side with expertise and passion in the digitization of your After Sales Service!