Adtance ADK VR

Use the possibilities of virtual reality

With Adtance ADK VR you use the extensive possibilities of virtual reality (VR) for your company and your processes. Our leading processing solution for CAD and Office data is available to you, so that these do not have to be prepared for virtual reality, but can be imported directly and used in the solution.

Digitize your education & training center

Employees and know-how are important goods in every company and the training and education of these employees is all the more important. Adtance ADK VR offers you the possibility to digitize the training process by digitally mapping and experiencing your processes. For example, you can load your machines CAD data into the VR environment and enable your employees to practice and train operation, maintenance, repair, and much more in virtual reality.

The employees can conduct training courses together in virtual reality and save them so that the exercises can be analyzed later. For this purpose, the relevant CAD or office data is simply loaded into the system and the elements can be interacted with immediately. To optimize the training, the appropriate environment can also be displayed so that the training can take place, for example, in the customer’s production hall. The virtual world is physically correctly generated, which means that the machines behave differently if they are placed virtually in Germany or if the machine is set up at a height of 2000 meters in Mexico.

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Skalieren Sie mit Adtance ADK VR die Bauteile mit Gesten

Use your real time data and experience your digital twin

Furthermore, Adtance ADK VR offers you the possibility to transfer your real time machine data to virtual reality, so that you can work and train with the Digital Twin at any time. This not only offers you the advantage of being able to train real-life virtual machines, but also enables you to always see the live state of the machines at the customer’s premises. Permanently installed cameras can be switched on in the VR room at any time and your result can be monitored in the best possible way.

Demonstrate the machine directly to the customer

With the innovative VR solution, you can present and demonstrate your future production hall and its equipment to your customer. For this purpose, he will dive into his virtual plant together with you and can already look at the future environment directly after the creation of the CAD data. Use it to show the customer the advantages of an optimization or a new purchase of a machine and to make it tangible.

Numerous interaction options are available to you

Numerous tools are available in the virtual environment. By default, you can freely move objects around the room, separate individual parts, create (partial) transparency, take a look at the interior with cross-sections and much more. Almost any requirement can be realized. Control in virtual space is extremely simple and intuitive: for example, you can grab objects directly and manipulate them with simple gestures. Most of the interactions are self-explanatory and functionally based on reality.

Erleben Sie VR auch haptisch mit dem DEXMO

Haptic feedback in the virtual environment

With Adtance ADK VR you can expand your setup with individual hardware at any time, which provides you with haptic feedback. This ranges from gloves with servomotors that keep your hand open, for example, as soon as you have gripped a screwdriver, to special requirements such as the development of a floor plate, which simulates the movements in an elevator, can be developed and connected.


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